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Those were among the first words Roger and I heard when we received our diagnosis: me with breast cancer nearly 17 years ago and him with coronary artery disease in 2009. Although life was challenging, our burden was not exacerbated by financial worries. Unlike the clients of the Ithaca Health Alliance’s Free Clinic, we were among the lucky ones with health insurance coverage.  Though we can’t guarantee everyone has insurance, we’re committed to doing what we can to make sure those who need it have access to health care.

The mission of the Ithaca Health Alliance (IHA) is to facilitate access to health care for all, with a focus on the needs of uninsured persons. The Free Clinic in particular utilizes volunteers to provide 100 percent free medical and holistic care to the uninsured and the underinsured. Supporters – known as Allies – participate in and help operate Health Alliance programs. They are our provider volunteers, our donors, our patients, our community partners, our volunteer board and committee members, and our staff. They understand that the strands of the safety net provided by the IHA ultimately benefit our entire community. Inspired by our integrative and collaborative approach to health care, many of our Allies give back to the community by donating their time or money.

Since 1997, the IHA has created a sustainable model of community-oriented, community-driven solutions to the ongoing healthcare crisis:

  1. Most of the patients who come to the Ithaca Free Clinic are working people without access to affordable health care, and the Affordable Care Act will still leave many of them behind.
  2. We provide services with the generous help of over 100 volunteers and only 4 paid staff (2 part time). Many of our volunteers were drawn to offer their time and talents to the Health Alliance because of their own experiences with the challenges of obtaining affordable care for themselves or a family member.

Because I want to be part of something that affects positive change for others in this wonderful community we call home, I serve as a board member. And because I am committed to raising a minimum of $500 to support this important organization, I invite you to join me in doing the same by making a tax-deductible donation to strengthen the Ithaca Free Clinic and the grassroots healthcare safety net that people deserve.

I know that with your help we can make a difference in our community by promoting wellness, healthy living, and health affirming projects to those without adequate insurance. Won’t you please become an ally and donate today?



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